Eastern Spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris) Awabakal NR NSW
Canon EOS 40D Lens 100-400mm L IS USM at 400mm ISO 400 F7.1 1/2000 available light 8 June 2010
Taken at Awabakal Nature Reserve Dudley NSW in coastal heath on first day in the field due to a period of persistent rain. Long a favourite honeyeater of mine and I suspect many others. This is a very active and distinct honeyeater ,the Eastern Spinebill occurs down the east coast of Australia from Queensland through New South Wales , much of Victoria and as far as Port Augusta in South Australia. Birds in Backyards features a Fact Sheet at:


giving a Fred van Gessel MP3 sound clip plus additional data. Whereas in Western Australia a closely related species the Western Spinebill occurs.