White-cheeked Honeyeater (Phylidonyris niger) Awabakal NR NSW
Canon EOS 40D Lens 100-400mm L IS USM at 400mm ISO 400 F13.0 1/400  available light 8 June 2010
This White-cheeked  Honeyeater was also taken this morning at Awabakal Nature Reserve Dudley NSW in coastal heath on first day in the field due to a period of persistent rain. This species often perches on dead limbs so one can easily see them to advantage. They have a very vigorous flight and this morning were chased by a much larger honeyeater, the Little Wattlebird possibly a territorial encounter but made for difficult photography. The species occurs down the east coast of Australia but also in south-west of Western Australia. See Birds in Backyards at :
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This species can easily be confused by the casual observer with the New Holland Honeyeater which can occur in the same areas. Go to :


on this site for a brief comparison of the main diagnostic features of each.