About me

About me

The gensis of this site are three fold:

  1. An almost life long love affair with photography.
  2. A 10 year intense participation in International and National Nature and Wildlife Exhibitions.
  3. The last 10 years I have been using images from the exhibiting years plus new digital images in a Mailing List and now in the digital era I am taking more images than ever. Friends and those on the mailing list had been suggesting a coffee table book or DVD of some of the resulting images. So a website for me best filled the bill.

Nature - The Cathedral of Awe


The journey so far:

1961 saw the first International acceptances in Monochrome prints at the Sydney International Exhibition and Nature Slide acceptance at the Queensland International. Soon I decided to specialise in Nature Slides only.

The Photographic Society of America complies yearly Whos Who Lists from the 40+ Interationals around the world for all categories Monochrome and Colour Prints Colour Slides and in both Pictorial and Nature divisions.

In 1963 I was 30th in PSA Nature Who's Who Nature Slides and this encouraged me to compete in all PSA Recognised Internationals around the world. My places in PSA Who's Who ratings for the years 1964, 1965, and 1966 were:

1964 5th, 1965 9th, 1966 1st

During these years some 600+ international acceptances resulted. Internationals are held in many countries USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan and many others.